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Author:  Popeye [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  NW4

First off, I would like to check up on Hardlock and see how he is doing? I know he was pretty certain that his leg was broken. He is one tough MF.

Then, I would like to thank you guys for your awesome performance at NW4. This is the first game I have ever gotten to actually watch you guys opposed to playing with you, or against you. Snake Eyes hostage rescue will quickly become airsoft legend I'm sure. Blade, it is always a pleasure catching up with you. See you guys soon.


Author:  blade [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:04 am ]
Post subject: 

yeh, I heard the rescue team (snake and Eye) had to rappel (sp) and jumped like spiderman :D . I have to admit though, that rescue made the weekend for both of us.

While we are here, I wanted to say thank ECHO for your involvement. You guys kept the players informed and helped as much as you could (even if John adapted several rules throughout the weekend). Good job guys.

Author:  Hardlock [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 7:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

UPDATE: Tick and I left Ft. Pickett just as scenario 2 was starting. We had to drive 10hrs back to Ohio so that my insurance would cover the ER visit. Finally got home at 5:30AM Sunday. According to 3 doctors, its not exactly broke, but it's definitely F'ed up. Probably a large stress fracture. They put me in an aircast today and I am scheduled for a bone scan later this week to find out exact extent of injury. Lets just say IT HURTS and I cant even touch it to the ground.

The sad part is that it happened 2min and 50 yards into the first scenario. I never even took my gun off safe. :lol:

Thanks to ECHO for the fast and effective medical response. Sorry I had to "test" your planning that soon after game start. Please tell everyone involved I greatly appreciate the treatment I was given and hope to NEVER have to use it again. :)

Author:  Popeye [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 10:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

Come on made it at least 100 yards :lol: But seriously, I'm glad it wasn't the major injury that we feared. Again, it was great seeing you all and we looking forward to catching up with you at Irene 5. Best regards from your friends on E.C.H.O.


Author:  Snake Eyes [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:46 pm ]
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You guys did a great job as staff this weekend. I was very impressed with how professional you and your guys were. It was nice to get to meet all of you.

I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at the next event!

Author:  Snake Eyes [ Thu Aug 16, 2007 10:20 pm ]
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Thanks for stopping in Mole! (BTW, we have a Mole too 8) ).

It was nice playing with all of you! I'm glad I got to meet some of you as I've only known you guys from forums, etc. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the next event. Thanks!

Author:  Krayzie [ Sat Aug 18, 2007 6:18 pm ]
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Yeah it was great to run with all of you guys. Headshot, nice work on the roof with me. Too bad we could not hold it off by ourselves :cry: See you at Irene!

Author:  Spider [ Mon Aug 20, 2007 9:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

Fellas, sorry I'm so late here.

Hardlock, I absolutely wish you the best man. To see you go out so fast really got to me, especially since you guys came all that way. I know there's nothing I can do, but I want you to know you're in our thoughts bro. Take care man, and I wish you a quick recovery.

Anyway, Strikers you guys are a total asset to the game! Really good to see you all again. Hope to spend some time with you all at Irene V.


Author:  blade [ Mon Aug 20, 2007 9:45 pm ]
Post subject: 


you and ECHO are more than welcome to visit our camp and share the lunch if you want.... we usually have brats and hamburgers on the grill .:D

Author:  Spider [ Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

blade, sounds like a plan... thanks so much for offering. We'll definitely look you guys up!

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